Sagebrush Dude Ranch

Eve and Gabriel, from Sweet Paradise Resort – Christmas Cookies and Coworkers, have purchased a dude ranch in the small town of Starlight, Texas. Located in the Texas Panhandle - about 25 miles from Cornerstone Ranch, this charming resort is finally open for business after months of construction delays.

While it's not as hot as the summer months, this holiday season promises plenty of romance to melt the hearts of readers as they fall in love with the resort's guests and employees and their tales of forgiveness, fake relationships, and unrequited love.

Book 1 - Mistletoe Masquerade
Mistletoe Masquerade Book Cover

Will a Christmas ruse unmask hidden feelings?

 Zoe loves her job as a resort event coordinator for a dude ranch in the small town of Starlight Texas—especially around Christmas. The air practically shimmers with festive hope for families and lovers alike. But this Christmas, it's not just the visitors who will experience the holiday magic of the resort. Zoe is in for a ride all her own.

Daniel is desperate. His family surprised him with an unexpected visit to the resort where he works just for the holidays. Worst yet, they want to meet his girlfriend—someone who only exists as a means to keep his mother from meddling in his love life. Surprisingly, Zoe is willing to help keep up the charade.

All they have to do is convince his family that they are in love—something easier said than done.

As Zoe and Daniel spend time together, their fake relationship begins to feel increasingly real. What starts as a ruse to keep his family at bay becomes a dance of emotions neither ever expected.

Amid the holiday festivities and Christmas lights, will Zoe and Daniel turn their pretend romance into a happily ever after?

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 Book 2 - Gingerbread Hearts

Gingerbread Hearts Book Cover

Is it too late to write the perfect recipe for a holiday happily ever after?

Olivia, once the chef at a five-star Michelin restaurant, has finally found the place where she belongs: Sagebrush Dude Ranch. Time moves slower in Starlight, Texas, but not during the holidays and not when she’s preparing for a wedding. There is no time for distractions, especially from the likes of her high school flame.

 Alex only came to Starlight to work. His next novel was due to his editor at the end of the holidays and he didn’t even have one chapter complete. What better place to research his western setting than a dude ranch that promised hands-on experiences? Only, he didn’t expect to see the girl who broke his heart.

Seeing one another again stirs up old feelings and unfinished business. As the wedding and the holidays converge, both have to make a difficult choice. Do they run from their past, or make room for the future?

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  Book 3 – Beneath the Christmas Star

(July 1, 2024 Release Date)

Beneath the Christmas Star

Could the search for the perfect holiday tree-topper help turn friendship into forever?

There is nothing that Emily loves more than Christmas. She eats, sleeps, and breathes in holiday spirit. When a local Winter Festival announces there will be a competition for who will host next year’s festival, Emily is hired to put Sagebrush Dude Ranch on the map. If she helps them win, she’ll get hired permanently as the resort’s holiday decorator.

Unfortunately, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Seth has always prided himself on being a protector and the one person Emily can count on ever since they were kids. So when Emily enlists his help in finding the perfect Christmas star to mount on the spotlight tree, there was no chance he’d turn her down even if it means taking time off from his security job.

No matter how hard they try, obstacles continue to thwart Emily’s perfect plans. Despite it all, their long-held friendship suddenly evolves into something deeper which presents problems when Emily’s priorities remain fixed to her personal mission.

Can Emily secure the coveted Christmas star, or will the distraction of her growing feelings for her best friend get the better of her?

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