Sweet Paradise Resort

clean and wholesome romance novella series

Sweet Paradise Resort is known for its rolling mountains and Christmas spirit. But those who come to stay end up leaving with more than they bargained for.

If you like Christmas ornaments, freshly fallen snow, and crackling fireplaces, then you'll love this sweet holiday romance series from Hope August.

Book 1 - Christmas Honeymoon (For One)
Christmas Honeymoon For One by Hope August - Book 1

Her ex-fiancé took everything except the honeymoon package.

Kate had it all planned out. A beautiful wedding and a perfect honeymoon with the man of her dreams. But when her fiancé dumps her for someone else, he leaves behind nothing but the non-refundable honeymoon package. Left with a shattered heart and barely a cent to her name, Kate goes on the trip. Her best friend said it would be cathartic.

Besides, it wasn’t like things could get any worse.

Liam, burdened by his own loss, arrives at the idyllic, snow-kissed resort on a solemn quest—to honor a promise made to his late girlfriend. This was supposed to be a journey of final goodbyes and the closure of a love chapter, not the start of a new one.

After a meet-cute fail, an unexpected couple's competition with the potential to solve Kate's dire financial struggles throws her and Liam together again.

Can Kate navigate her growing feelings for Liam while pursuing the prize she desperately needs?

Will Liam let the warmth of new love mend his broken heart before their Christmas retreat concludes?

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 Book 2 - Merry Mistletoe Wedding

Merry Mistletoe Wedding by Hope August - Book 2

Weddings are difficult…even without the maid of honor and best man being at odds.

 Ansley doesn’t believe in love. She believes in fun. Her best friend is heading down the aisle for a second time, and she hopes this union will go better than the first. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for Kate, including being her maid of honor. There’s only one problem: the best man couldn’t be more stuck up if he tried.

 Zane has a two-date rule, which makes his love life less complicated. People are fickle, and he’d rather not get attached to anyone who could eventually leave him. But then Ansley enters his life, and suddenly, he’s second-guessing his decision to keep his distance.

Ansley’s wedding duties continue to mount, and she has no choice but to accept Zane’s help.

As they join forces to give their best friends the perfect ceremony, they stumble upon a romantic connection that could change everything they thought they knew about love.

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Book 3 – Christmas Cookies and Coworkers

Christmas Cookies and Coworkers by Hope August - Book 3

He’s loved her since the first day they met, but she’s more interested in helping others find their happily ever after.

 Eve has spent her young adult life playing matchmaker for the guests at Sweet Paradise Resort. Just because she hasn’t found love yet doesn’t mean she’s doomed to live alone, does it? Besides, she has different dreams that come first. One day, she’s going to be the head organizer for the events at the resort, and nothing is going to stop her.

Gabriel can’t remember a day when he didn’t have feelings for Eve. She’s always been his bright light in an otherwise dim world. Eve doesn’t know about his feelings, but she will because he’s finally going to do it. He’s going to ask her out.

Then everything gets tipped sideways when Eve insists on setting Gabriel up with someone who would be perfect for him. But, there’s a problem. Seeing him with someone does something strange to her heart.

Is it possible she’s made the biggest mistake of her life? Can she get up the courage to admit there is no one else she’d rather be with?

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Book 4 - Maid for Mistletoe Mix-up 

Maid for Mistletoe Mix-up by Hope August - Book 4

A maid, a billionaire, a little girl, and a mistaken identity… What could go wrong?

 Mira is a maid, and she’s darn good at it. A few more years, and she might get a promotion that would help her pay for her brother’s college tuition. There’s no room for mix-ups, but they just keep coming. She loses an engagement ring that isn’t hers, breaks a vase, and gets mistaken for a wealthy guest at the resort by none other than Kane Jordan.

What else could go wrong?

Guilt over working too much finally gets to Kane, and he agrees to visit Sweet Paradise Resort with his parents and his daughter. If this single dad can spend a few extra hours with them, he can get back to work on an important acquisition. Then he bumps into a beautiful woman.

What starts as a simple mistake quickly snowballs into a bigger lie. To tell him who she really is would jeopardize not only her job but their budding relationship. Mira battles with the decision until everything comes to a head.

Will their new relationship survive when other forces threaten to tear them apart?

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Book 5 - A Sweet Paradise Holiday Reunion 

A Saving Paradise Holiday Reunion by Hope August - Book 5

Being snowed in at Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

 Tucker has simple needs. And those needs include locking himself away from the world when it goes crazy at Christmas. The holiday used to be something he could enjoy, until one fateful year, his heart was shattered.

 Given the task of writing an enticing article about Sweet Paradise Resort—a haven for holiday enthusiasts, the kind of crowd he steers clear of—he's anything but excited.

Blaire is determined to prove not only to her peers but to her father that she’s capable of pulling off a decent story. So, when her father requests she accompany the bitter Christmas grinch of the office to a resort in the mountains, she won’t refuse even if she wants to.

What was supposed to be a quick interview of past guests who found love on these very premises turns into much more. A flash winter storm covers the resort in several feet of snow, trapping guests and employees alike.

Has Sweet Paradise Resort finally met its match? Or will these two find love like so many have before?

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